About Us - Haya Dates

I wanted to tell you a little bit about Haya Dates.  Growing up in Dubai, I've always been around dates.  I still have fond memories of picking dates straight off the date palms in my backyard and eating them like candy.  Dates of all varieties are an important part of everyday culture and gift giving in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East.  A box of beautifully wrapped dates is the perfect gift for any occasion be it a wedding, baby shower, birthday or just simply a house warming gift.  

I started Haya Dates to bring this rich tradition to this part of the world in loving memory of our daughter Haya.  Each of our thoughtfully designed and elegant gift boxes are carefully prepared and arranged with the finest Medjool dates grown on lush date farms in California.  We take great care and passion in pairing each date with selected roasted nuts and dried fruits.

We also invite you to try our rich and indulgent chocolate covered dates.  Each one is individually crafted with roasted almonds and the finest milk and dark chocolate. Make your friends and loved ones feel special with a box of Haya dates today!